#18 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: A Chat with a Critic, Spoilers Galore (Week 18 of 116)

***Warning, I’ve been advised to let you all know that there is some stuff given away in this episode, stuff that you may not want to know before seeing it. There are a number of “discoveries” that I wrote into the script and honestly it’s hard to talk about this movie withot exposing at least some of them, but a big one that happens in the first act of the movie is included in this interview.
This week I get my wish and have a nice conversation with a critic who was not too nice about the movie… to be fair he was fair in his review, unlike some others. Stuart D. Monroe is many things, an author and a critic are just a few. His work can be found on horrordna.com and getonmydamnlevel.com and on his social media pages which are:
By no means is this an invitation to harass Stuart, I liked him quite a bit and am very glad he agreed to do this with me. Sorry the audio is subpar, I screwed things up, much like the the writing of my movie, right Stu! I kid. Happy listening. 

Thanks for following along.

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