Narco Cultura (2013) On Instant

Narco CulturaHad this simply been a documentary about the violence and hell on earth conditions that have become the norm in the city of Juarez, Mexico it would’ve been eye opening. If the film only examined the drug trafficking violence in this city which sits flush on the border of El Paso, Texas it would have garnered attention. What Israeli documentary filmmaker Shaul Schwarz does instead is split the story in two and the results are more insightful if not disgusting and terrifying than would be otherwise. (more…)

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Under The Skin (2014)

UndertheSkinPosterWe’ve waited a decade for this. Ten years have passed since Jonathan Glazer’s Birth, and evidently more time is necessary for what might be the most talented director working today (Paul Thomas Andersson excluded of course)  to deliver a film worthy of ranting about. Take in Sexy Beast, Birth and Glazer’s impressive body of commercial and music video work and it becomes more than apparent that he is capable of challenging the aforementioned PTA, but Under The Skin won’t do. It’s just not good enough.  (more…)

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Let the Fire Burn (2013)

LetTheFireBurnRiveting. Let the Fire Burn is not only the best documentary of 2013, but one of the best period. Not a single frame was shot, nor a single word recorded for the purposes of this production and it works on a level that is rarely seen on screen. Assistant professor turned first time director, Jason Osder chronicles the short lived and nearly forgotten MOVE organization. Nonpartisan and even keel at every step, Osder cohesively unravels the demise of this cultish, anti-technology, gun touting hippie group that resided in Philadelphia from the lat 70’s to mid 80’s. (more…)

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How to be a Man (2013) Now on Instant

HowtoBeAManCrass, sophomoric, amateurish and poorly acted, but I can’t get it out of my head and in the best possible way. Cofounder of Vice Magazine and part-time actor,  Gavin McInnes, stars in this hit and miss comedy about a man with terminal cancer who sets out to make a documentary about the rules of life as a man for his unborn child. This premise should sound familiar and Michael Keaton’s My Life is referenced. Make no mistake, this take is far removed from that 1993 dramatic downer. A series of often times mistimed and forced hijinx ensue once he finds a film school drop out half his age to shoot his project. When the laughs do come, they come hard and by the end it’s almost touching. If you can make it through all the scat humor that litters the first two acts, (I barely did) the third should be worth your while.

Could/Should Watch (It’s on instant so what the hell.)  (more…)

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Enemy (2014)

EnemyIt’s exceptionally rare that a film’s final shot can seal the deal. Enemy is one of those movie’s. Not since Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners of 2013 have I had such an excruciating urge to pee. Enemy moves with precision, despite it’s mustard muted palette and meticulously methodical slow tempo. Villeneuve is one hell of a filmmaker and will continue to generate excitement with future projects. Unfortunately it’s arachnids and far reaching symbolism that kill all enthusiasm for this ode to Hitchcock, Michael Haneke, David Lynch and Cronenberg , doppelgänger, puzzle picture. Iintrigued? Don’t be.

Should Not Watch (A truly well made, but bad movie.) 

2 0f 5 (more…)

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