Week 35: The Light Between Oceans, Morgan, Max Rose & Skiptrace

Reviews for four movies that are coming out this Friday plus a spirited final segment including The Little Prince which currently streams on Netflix and Greg talks Orson Welles and Criterion all on this week’s Cinemaddicts.

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Week 34: Don’t Breathe & Southside with You

Week 34 packs a punch with a disturbing nail biter in Don’t Breathe. We catch our breath with a look at the President’s first date with the First Lady called Southside With You then dive into Deep Web (now on Amazon Instant) which is a fascinating if not unsettling documentary about the infamous Silk Road website and it’s “creator” Dread Pirate Roberts. Greg brings it home with a 2016 film called The American Dream.

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Week 33: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, A Tale of Love and Darkness & Mia Madre

We’re back and have the longest show title ever to show for it. Greg and Anderson discuss Werner Herzog’s new doc where he tries to figure out the internet. Natalie Portman directs her first feature with A Tale of Love and Darkness and John Turturro kills it in an Italian film called Mia Madre. Anderson is insecure with his streaming pick so he has three, they are Creep, Baskin and Dark Passage while Greg brings us another Bacall and Bogart classic in To Have and Have Not.



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Week 32: An Explanation

Anderson is back, but sick as a dog and without the screeners that are necessary for the show to be valid. Greg and Anderson will return next week with a solid episode.

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Week 31: The Little Prince, Little Men & Can We Take a Joke?

Greg and Anderson discuss The Little Prince as well as Little Men, the documentary about stand up comedy and the first amendment called Can We Take a Joke? as well as an upsetting doc called Kids for Cash that is currently streaming on Netflix while Greg brings us The Invitation as his blu ray pick of the week.

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