Week 13: Kill Your Friends, They Will Have to Kill Us First & Miles Ahead

Lucky Week 13 at CinemAddicts brings two kills. The new Nicholas Hoult Britt Pop film, Kill Your Friends, then a look at what sharia law has done to the music scene in Mali, Africa in a doc called They Will Have to Kill Us First and yet another jazz biopic, Miles Ahead, about Miles Davis with Don Cheadle both directing and playing the title role.

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Week 12: Born to be Blue, Baskin & I Saw The Light

It’s week 12 on CinemAddicts and Greg and Anderson avoid the big Batman and Superman stare each other down movie and instead discuss Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker in Born to be Blue, a Turkish horror film called Baskin and two very different picks of the week as well as a bonus from Greg that is on Netflix.

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Week 11: Midnight Special, The Program & The Confirmation

Week 11, aka once, is upon us. Greg and Anderson cover Jeff Nichols’ new one that is Midnight Special, a Lance Armstrong movie in The Program as well as the¬†Clive Owen family drama that is The Confirmation. All of this as well as a streaming pick about an insane race that eats it’s young called The Barkley Marathons and another Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall classic, The Big Sleep.

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Week 10: 10 Cloverfield Lane & The Brothers Grimsby

Cinemaddicts has hit the big 10! Greg and Anderson slide into the summer season with Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest, the first monster movie of the season as well as the customary streamy pick of note as well as the DVD pick of the week.

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Week 9: London Has Fallen, Knight of the Cups, Zootopia & The Wave

Week 9 of 2016 is upon us and Greg and Anderson discuss the Gerard Butler action flick London has Fallen along with the new Terrence Malick film starring Christian Bale in Knight of Cups, the animated film Zootopia as well as Norwegian’s blockbuster hit The Wave. A couple of quality streaming picks and a DVD pick of the week are also offered up.

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