Flick City 47: Jacqi Vene Reflects On ‘The Surprise Visit’ And ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978’

For this Flick City episode I interview Jacqi Vene, star of Fear Street Part Two: 1978, talks about her new movie The Surprise Visit. This is my first time chatting with Vene, so some background info is discussed as well. Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey recently filled in for me during the Belle virtual press day, and he asked director Mamoru Hosoda a question; I added that audio at the end of this episode.

The Surprise Visit hits theaters and On Demand January 14. Belle hits select theaters on January 14 as well.

Interview Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro and brief summary of The Surprise Visit and Belle
6:41 – Jacqi Vene on shooting The Surprise Visit during the pandemic
10:06 – Vene on growing up in Reno and not growing up a city slicker.
16:08 – On working with co-star Eric Roberts
18:00 – The feedback and momentum she has received since Fear Street: Part Two
19:18 – Vene on playing her character in Fear Street: Part Two
20:33 – On being persistent as an actress
22:00 – Vene on her passion for visual storytelling
23:31 – She directed the new short Glitter
25:40 – Vene breaks down why directing is a draw for her
26:55 – One of her favorite films is Interstellar. More recently she loved The Alpinist
29:14 – On the advantages of living outside of Los Angeles
31:28 – Bruce Purkey asks filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda about the multi-layered facets of the real and virtual word of Belle.

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Flick City Episode 47 – Duration: 36:33



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