Week 4: The Finest Hours & The 2016 Oscar Nominated Shorts

Week 4 of CinemAddicts is here.

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Week 3: Mojave, Prescription Thugs, Ip Man 3, Bone Tomahawk & The Look of Silence

Week 3 is here. This week on CinemAddicts, Greg and Anderson cover Mojave, Prescription Thugs, Prescription, Ip Man 3, Bone Tomahawk & The Look of Silence.

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Week 2: Moonwalkers, Band of Robbers & Ride Along 2

Week 2

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Moonwalkers (January 15, 2016)

moonwalkers-movie-poster1969, the U.S. has launched Apollo 11 into deep space with a certain urgency to beat the dreaded Commies to the moon. A time when all the world’s events were seemingly galvanized by those reported on the grainy images we collectively called “the television set”. I was far from being born when we may or may not have landed on the moon. It’s difficult to get myself in the mindset of what witnessing that must’ve been like. The idea of not having a clue as to what might happen when Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on that spacely rock is lost on me. It’s been fact from day one of my existence. That’s where the value of history and movies come into effect. Moonwalkers, starring Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint is an example of that and might I say is utterly worth your time.

The film opens with Perlman deep, so very deep in the Korean jungle, facing off against a worthy adversary. We quickly move from that war to the war at home which is a populated with a starkly juxtaposed community, populated solely by war mongering weapon tech geek militants and their flower wielding, drug addled, artistic counterparts. We’ve all seen this before, but the richness of the scene and texture in Moonwalkers breathes new life into this otherwise tired trope. I haven’t even mentioned Kubrick yet. Christ! (more…)

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Week 1: The Revenant, Anomalisa & The Abandoned

CinemAddicts: Week 1

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