#17 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: Things Not to do at Your Premiere (Week 17 of 116)

I had my friend and co-host Greg Srisivasdi sit in with me this week and hold my hand as I recounted some of the unfortunate things that were said at the cast and crew screening on Saturday. I also talked some more about the reviews, currently at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, and what kind of an impact that may or may not have on my future filmmaking plans.

Thanks for following along.

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Posted by on October 4th, 2019
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#14 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: I’m Going to be Honest (Week 14 of 116)

Not much value in this update, just me being me. Been talking into the microphone a lot about Groupers the last couple of weeks, way more than normal, trying to get the word out and generate a buzz. However, here I allow myself to be myself and talk a little bit about the burnout factor I’m experiencing. If I can be honest about how I feel anywhere it’s got to be here. Thanks for allowing me to do this. It was just the break I needed. Did another interview right after I recorded this one and was right back to my enthusiastic, sales guy persona. Next week should be better.

Tickets to Groupers on October 1st in Select Cities Here. Sept. 24th Deadline to meet the minimums. 

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