#3 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: More Deliverables, Battle at Skunk Skull Synopsis & How to Raise $$$ (Week 3 of 116)

Still in the middle of deliverables. Feel like deliverables should be spelled with 4 letters. Go into detail about that. Talk about the basic story structure and groups of characters in Battle at Skunk Skull before discussing the most uncomfortable part of this entire process to this point, raising/asking for money to make Groupers way back when. Thanks for listening!

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#2 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: (Week 2 of 116) Awards, Deliverables and the Writing Process

Got some news involving Groupers awards and where we’re at with the deliverables for the distributor. Also talk a bit about my writing/re-writing process and how that works for me. Thanks for listening.

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#1 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: Week (1 of 116) Intros

In the beginning there was a man, this man had a movie to make. This is his story. Each week Anderson will discuss the latest news, obstacles, victories and defeats concerning Groupers as well as the future status of what he hopes to be his follow up movie that shall be called Battle at Skunk Skull. This first episode is a rundown, a refresher of where things are and a list of the hoops that have been jumped through thus far.

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Episode 97: Relaxer//Maiden//Funan//I Am Mother

It’s still June and we’re back already! We reached our modest goal of 100 Patreon members. This time around Greg and Anderson have some June releases to review including a couple that haven’t yet been released.

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Episode 97– Duration: 1:22:59

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Episode 96: Yesterday//Toy Story 4//Leto

It’s June 2019 and there are 49 movies being released over the next 4 weeks. About a dozen have caught the eye of either Greg or Anderson and 4 from May are discussed at length. There’s also big news on the Groupers front!

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Episode 96– Duration: 1:32:32


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