Blackfish (2013)


They’ve been called Sea Wolves, Kosatkas, Orcas and Killer Whales. It was the ancient indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest that called them Blackfish. They revered them as sacred beings, creatures that demanded our respect, spirits that should not be meddled with. You have to flash forward to the early 70’s, an era of disco, bell bottoms, bad TV and greed to understand why they are most commonly called Shamu today.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary finds it’s origins with the capture of the then juvenile Orca who the world would come to know as Tilikum, an actual Killer Whale who has indeed killed three human beings to date, yet continues to entertain us in his tiny pool in Florida.  She explores the lives of exploited Orcas living in captivity whose purposes are to entertainment for profit. (more…)

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Pacific Rim (2013)


This was the one. My #1 most anticipated summer movie. For months I’ve been waiting, fantasizing, hoping and even defending my decision to allow such internal excitement for Guillermo Del Toro’s massive summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim. People tried to warn me. Friends, family, acquaintances,  strangers and the voice inside my head said it didn’t look like it was going to live up to my hype. I thwarted their warnings. Actually turned down an opportunity to see a pre release screening so I could instead sojourn to my favorite theater to see it for the first time right and proper (I actually believed I’d see it multiple times). Shit! (more…)

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