#5 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: Another Festival & Comical Deliverable Errors (Week 5 of 116)

When an earthquake is nothing more than a minor irritation and the fact that your film is screening in the prime-time spot for a festival in a major U.S. city doesn’t effect your mood in a positive direction, this can only mean one thing… the deliverables are reeking havoc on your mental well being. All this and more in the 5th week edition of I’ve Got a Movie to Make. Thanks for listening!

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#4 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: Deadlines and Ongoing Deliverable Nightmares(Week 4 of 116)

So the deliverables have got me down and in a bit of a panic. All the things I was afraid could/would go wrong have and are going wrong. Got a stern talking to from my distributor and my blood pressure proved to myself and a nurse tech that my stress was real. I discuss this and the importance of deadlines on this week’s check in. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 98: Sea of Shadows//The Farewell//Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

The first couple weeks of July are pretty light as far as releases go, but that doesn’t stop Anderson and Greg from talking about a few of them that are worth watching, including three that have already been screened by the two and are worth having on your radar.

This episode now presented with 100% less echo in the last third of the progrum!

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Episode 98X– Duration: 1:14:02

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