Flick City 43 Part Two: ‘Summertime’ Interview With Director Carlos López Estrada And Spoken Word Artist Raul Herrera

Hey guys! Had to reload this episode because this feed actually had an interview with another director instead of Summertime director Carlos Lopez Estrada and Raul Herrera. Anyways, if you already listened to it last week, apologies!

It was a pleasure to interview Director Carlos López Estrada and spoken word artist/educator Raul Herrera for Summertime. The ambitious feature centers on the lives of 25 young Los Angeles inhabitants who have their own dreams and ambitions. A sweeping and at times evocative look at these diverse and inspiring lives, Summertime is one of my favorite films of 2021.

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For more information on the Get Lit curriculum that complements Summertime go to https://www.getlit.org/summertime-curriculum 

Video version of the interview is here.

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