CinemAddicts Episode 143: The Tender Bar, Belle, Meander, and Don’t Look Up


On this CinemAddicts episode, we cover Find Your Film’s Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes review the Meander (one of Bruce’s favorites of 2021) and the upcoming animated feature Belle. Greg absolutely roasts The Tender Bar, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Plus Eric continues to talk up his love for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up.

Anderson is back the middle of the month to preview the rest of January!

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Andersons Video Review of Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Episode 123: Tesla//Peninsula//Watch List//Uncle Peckerhead

Anderson Cowan is on vacation, and my buddies Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey are to fill in as we talk about the films Tesla, Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula, Watch List and Uncle Peckerhead.

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Flick City Episode 17: Interviews With Jamie Kennedy And ‘Shirley’ Screenwriter Sarah Gubbins


I went slightly personal with this mini-pod as I am focused on writing my first ever screenplay (at the tender old age of 48!). If you’re interesting in screenwriting or a writer in general, check out my interview with Shirley screenwriter Sarah Gubbins. Also included is some audio from my interview with Jamie Kennedy as he talks about just turning 50.

Shirley is available everywhere (streaming on Hulu as well) and Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart is streaming on Tubi.. Thanks again for supporting Anderson and I on CinemAddicts and please rate and review our podcast!! And if you have any writing tips or words of encouragement, email me at!

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Flick City 17– Duration: 24:51

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