Flick City 41: Joshua Leonard and Jess Weixler on “Fully Realized Humans,” Hummus Overload, and NFTs!

Here’s my interview with “Fully Realized Humans actors and co-writers Joshua Leonard and Jess Weixler. Feature hits VOD via Gravitas Ventures on July 30. I absolutely love this comedy and it comes highly recommended!

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Episode Timestamp:
0:00 – intro
10:14 – Working with co-stars Tom Bower, Beth Grant and Michael Chieffo
13:03 – There’s a triggering (and hilarious) scene in the movie involving Hummus! They talk about it.
14:54 – Jess on shooting the film while 8 months pregnant.
16:12 – Josh on the similarities between Fully Realized Humans and The Lie (the previous movie he worked on with Jess).
18:36 – Jess and Josh talk about NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

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Flick City 41: Duration 20:03

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