Enemy (2014)

EnemyIt’s exceptionally rare that a film’s final shot can seal the deal. Enemy is one of those movie’s. Not since Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners of 2013 have I had such an excruciating urge to pee. Enemy moves with precision, despite it’s mustard muted palette and meticulously methodical slow tempo. Villeneuve is one hell of a filmmaker and will continue to generate excitement with future projects. Unfortunately it’s arachnids and far reaching symbolism that kill all enthusiasm for this ode to Hitchcock, Michael Haneke, David Lynch and Cronenberg , doppelgänger, puzzle picture. Iintrigued? Don’t be.

Should Not Watch (A truly well made, but bad movie.) 

2 0f 5

Anderson 04/2014

Rating Key

Must Watch = 5 0f 5 (See it in the theater if possible/buy it or pay for rental)

Should Watch = 4 of 5 (Worth a theater visit or sending away for)

Could Watch = 3 of 5 (If it’s on a pay channel or streaming for free)

Should Not Watch = 2 of 5 (Only if friends or family insist)

Do Not Watch = 1 of 5 (Don’t allow friends or family to make this mistake)

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