#14 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: I’m Going to be Honest (Week 14 of 116)

Not much value in this update, just me being me. Been talking into the microphone a lot about Groupers the last couple of weeks, way more than normal, trying to get the word out and generate a buzz. However, here I allow myself to be myself and talk a little bit about the burnout factor I’m experiencing. If I can be honest about how I feel anywhere it’s got to be here. Thanks for allowing me to do this. It was just the break I needed. Did another interview right after I recorded this one and was right back to my enthusiastic, sales guy persona. Next week should be better.

Tickets to Groupers on October 1st in Select Cities Here. Sept. 24th Deadline to meet the minimums. 

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#10 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: The Poster Gets Way Better (Week 10 of 116)

Things are getting a little heated between myself and the distributor as far as minor adjustments on the poster goes, or aren’t going which would be a more apt description of how things are currently shaking out. A look behind the curtain of a frustrated individual who has lost some control of their project, that individual being me of course.


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#9 I’ve Got a Movie to Make: The Poster Saga Continues (Week 9 of 116)

This week’s entire update concerns only my quest to find a way to get to a place where there is a Groupers movie poster that I can live with.
Thanks for listening. 
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Episode 93: Hail Satan?//Storm Boy//JT Leroy

Big name directors, or directors who Greg and Anderson consider big, continue to drop new films this year and it’s only April. This episode is split almost equally with discussions about the films from March with a look to the most interesting in April. Big announcement about the show is at about the 30 minute mark.

Thanks for listening and here’s to hoping we can bring you even more CinemAddicts in the near future!

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Episode 83: Eating Animals//Nossa Chape//Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

June, 2018 is upon us and Greg and Anderson’s favorites of May are discussed as well as the films that they are most excited about that will be released this month.

Thanks for downloading and being apart of our little CinemAddicts!

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Episode 82: Beast//Future World & Greg Reviews Avengers: Infinity War

It’s May 1st which means it’s time for a new CinemAddicts. Greg and Anderson review the best of April while looking ahead to what May has in store. Greg gives his review of Infinity War as well as Beast and Class Rank. A Quiet Place and You Were Never Really Here are discussed as well.

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Episode 78: Molly’s Game//American Folk//Blame

The new year is upon us and that means that Greg and Anderson have a whole new slew of films to be excited about in the coming weeks as well as some of their favorites from the award season fodder films that littered the December landscape.

Thanks for your continued support and listenership!

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Episode 77: The Shape of Water//Call Me by Your Name//The Post

The last month of the year means a busy schedule, filled with Oscar bait films. Greg and Anderson cover a lot, as they wrap up the season with the best of November and a look at what December has to offer. Movies discussed include, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Gotti, Permanent, Call Me by Your Name, Father Figures, Downsizing, Hostiles, All the Money in the World, Molly’s Game, Phantom Thread and The Post. There is an embargo on The Post, so Greg does not give a full review, he only comments. Here’s a preview of how that goes, he likes it… a lot! Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is also discussed in tandem.


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Episode 75: Lucky // Bladerunner 2049 // Wonderstruck

Greg, Anderson and unfortunately Anderson’s son Atticus come at you with a whole new episode of CinemAddicts. Films that should not be missed from September are reviewed and films that have us excited in October are discussed and even reviewed as Greg has already screened a number of them. Our apologies for the third member of the show this week. The boy was being ignored and he wasn’t having it.

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Episode 71-June, 2017: Wonder Woman, It Comes at Night & The Book of Henry

Greg and Anderson are back at it to discuss a few films of note from the Month of May and to preview films of note in the upcoming month of June.

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