Brave (2012)

 My eyes,both of them, were cocked and ready to roll aplenty with this one. Looked like Pixar had finally succumbed to the typical Disney formula of Princes and Princesses frolicking about and sweeping one another of their slippered feet. This was not that. It’s not about a princess in love or a Prince Charming with a giant jutting jaw. Instead it’s about a strong minded young girl striving for her independence. I don’t want to come off as a Women’s Libber, but we don’t see nearly enough movies with strong female characters, let alone young females who think for themselves. And check this out, just because she’s a hard headed young women doesn’t mean she likes the ladies. I’ve seen a number of articles suggesting that Brave’s Merida is a lesbian. Some people are so taken aback by this departure from Disney tradition that they have to make sense of it. Not all stories have to revolve around sex, sexual relationships and courtship. Frankly I’m quite tired of watching people fall in and out of love. We always hear about the enormous number of deaths a kid will witness in movies and on TV by during their childhood, what about the countless flings, crushes and romantic sojourns we’re all subjected to? Both occur too often on screen and the former needs to happen more off screen to those that are claiming she’s a lesbian. (Maybe that’s a little harsh.) I don’t care if she likes other girls, it’s not that kind of story.

Brave turned out to be a gem and I’m grateful I got to see it on the big screen as it is as beautiful as any Pixar movie. While it is no Wall E or Finding Nemo, it’s better than Cars for my money and fans of Boardwalk Empire should enjoy Kelly Macdonald voicing the lead. And for a reason I can’t put my finger on,her relationship with her mom in the second half of the film is as good as any relationship I’ve seen on screen this year.

The overt and in your face Julie Fowlis songs set to horse riding in the forest was a bit much, but didn’t manage to ruin it for me.

Take your kids, your date or even your parents to see this one before it’s gone.

Should Watch 4 0f 5

Anderson 07/2012

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