Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

This was the mocumentary that killed all mocumentaries for me and that’s all right. As I’ve said before, like animal porn, some things aren’t for everybody. The only thing I found amusing in this thing was Will Sasso playing a mentally challenged adult. That says a bunch as normies playing mentally impaired adults is one of the only things that loosely offends me. (However I maintain that I am unoffendable, the girl does not agree.)

It occurred to me as I watched Drop Dead Gorgeous that mocumentaries are a license for actors to overact and when aiming for comedy I find this to be a terrible combination. All the actors become their own directors and subtlety and anything resembling good acting are nowhere to be found. IRONY: All mocumentaries I have ever seen, rely heavily on laughing at dumb people. (I will not cite other examples here as I don’t like to draw attention to movies I don’t like, but I’m sure you can name a few and I can name The Office since it is not a film nor a movie, but just barley a TV show.) It seems to me that you have to be at least leaning towards the dumb end of the spectrum to buy into these poorly acted, smash you over the head comedies. The conclusion I have walked away with after watching this one is that dumb people like mocumentaries because they love to point and laugh at people who are dumber than themselves as this makes them feel smart. PARALLEL EVIDENCE: Heavy people love The Biggest Loser. So, no more mocumentaries for me. I did love the Asian Parents as well as Allison Janney. Hated Ellen Barkin and her beer baked hand. With all this talk about dumb and fat people, I’d like to disclose that without spellcheck you would have found 17 misspelled words, I still don’t know where to put commas and I could lose at least 20lbs

Should Not Watch, 2 of 5

Anderson 05/2012

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    I agree with your closing thought – you look well fed.

    Looking forward to the site.

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