Her Master’s Voice (2012) Now on Instant

Open a window into a world you most likely are not too familiar with. The ventriloquist is and odd bird and Nina Conti helps continue this notion in her scant 64 minute documentary that chronicles her pilgrimage to The Vent Haven Museum to retire one of her bereaved puppets. She too is bereaved as are all of the characters that accompany her on the journey due to the recent passing of their master, mentor, father, lover and inspiration Ken Campbell. Incredibly intimate at times (she shoots footage of herself alone with her puppets as she works out internal strife and regret) and touching at others, this world is more fascinating than most documentaries dare to be.

Should Watch 4 0f 5

Anderson 12/2012

Rating Legend

Must Watch = 5 0f 5 (See it in the theater if possible/buy it or pay for rental)

Should Watch = 4 of 5 (Worth sending away for)

Could Watch = 3 of 5 (If it’s on a pay channel or streaming for free)

Should Not Watch = 2 of 5 (Only if friends or family insist)

Do Not Watch = 1 of 5 (Don’t allow friends or family make this mistake)

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