Hello There…

This is my new website. I shall use it as a place to host my movies (alright then, shorts,) review films as I see them as well as movies I saw long ago.

Twitter just wasn’t doing it for me. Ever since Facebook went public, it just doesn’t feel the same. I needed more inner action. I needed more space. I just needed more…

So glad to have you here and check back for new movie reviews, pictures and shorts as they come. Add me to your bookmarks for a chance to win nothing at all.

The photo above is a self portrait from the morning after I was beaten over the head with a mag-lite which came immediately after a horrific car wreck which I was also involved in on my way to Loveline. It was 2007 and times were simpler and more hazy. I used the sweet mac mirror application in  Photo Booth to create the effect that both sides of my face were black, blue and swollen. I like it upside down as I believe this makes me look less fat. Despite this, I am deep and complex and deserve all the attention I receive.

-Anderson 06/07/12

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  1. Martin says:

    Anderson, I’m glad you made this site and publicized it on TFV. I’m looking forward to more reviews to come. You should do a podcast where you talk about movies!

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